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Question and Answer – Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Where do the lessons take place? A: In-person lessons usually take place at my home address in Burton on Trent. I can also deliver lessons in your own home if this is more convenient (this may incur extra charges). Due to current restrictions, all lessons at present take place via Zoom.

Q: I don’t know how to use Zoom, can I still have lessons with you? A: Zoom is really simple to install on your PC, mobile or tablet. It is free to register and I can guide you in the first session.

Q: How long are the lessons? A: In-person lessons usually last for an hour. Zoom lessons are 40 minutes due to technology limitations.

Q: How often do the lessons take place? A: I usually start with weekly lessons unless you are looking for something more intensive.

Q: How long is a course? A: This depends on your goals. I have fixed duration courses, for example ‘Travelling in France’ and exam preparation. Alternatively lessons are ongoing with a regular review of your goals and targets.

Q: Will I need to buy a text book? A: It depends on your course and previous experience. There is no obligation to purchase anything prior to commencing and we will discuss materials that you may require during your first few lessons.

Q: Do you provide support material? A: Yes, worksheets and support material are distributed during in-person lessons. For Zoom lessons, support material is forwarded by email or post as and when required.

Q: What size is a group classes? A: it can vary but up to a maximum of 8.

Q: When does the next course start? A: When we can meet again safely! Get in touch as soon as you can to secure your place. Call 07907 126560 or email

Q: Is this suitable for complete beginners? A: Absolutely, we will work at the pace that best suits you.

Q: I am a bit worried about going back to studying (it has been a long time since school)? A: All lessons are light hearted and designed to be enjoyable, there will be no tests or detentions, I promise!

Q: Will I have to do “homework”? A: Reviewing what you learnt in previous lessons will help to embed your new skills but how much extra work you do is entirely up to you.

Q: Will I have to speak in front of the others in group sessions? A: Practising your vocabulary is important to help you progress but you will get lots of support. Remember that everyone will be feeling the same and you will be soon be chatting away like long lost friends.

Q: What topics might we cover in a group lesson? A: In the beginner’s group topics range from greetings, ordering food and drinks, getting somewhere to stay, shopping for food and directions.

In the intermediate group we start to cover more advanced topics and grammar points, including making travel arrangements, talking about the future and the past and your family life.

In the advanced group we will study texts and articles about French culture, politics and topical subjects with a focus on group discussions.

These are only examples as each group will progress at their own pace and we might draw on current or seasonal events where appropriate.