Karen H - Parent of pupil

My daughter was lucky enough to have Nicole as her French tutor for 2 years at Prep school. My daughter had transferred school for the final 2 years and as well as being completely new to the school she was also a relative beginner at French. Nicole immediately empathised with her situation and nurtured her confidence every much as she nurtured her language skills. My daughter said that she looked forward to Nicole’s lessons every week and gained much from her approachable and understanding teaching methods. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Nicole for students of all ages and abilities. My daughter still speaks very fondly of her.

Karen H - Adult pupil

I turned to Nicole during Lockdown as I wanted to challenge myself to learn something new. I was extremely apprehensive as I had only a dim and distant recollection of a smattering of school French and was new to the world of Zoom lessons. After just one lesson Nicole had put me totally at ease. She tailors the lesson to your pace, is full of encouragement and manages to inject humour and understanding throughout. I am now happy to say that my French is really improving and I look forward to my lessons both for the content and the chance to interact with Nicole (we smile a lot!). I feel I’ve found an excellent tutor and a great friend.

Sally A.S - Parent of pupil

Madame Moore tutored all three of my children through IGCSE French and gave them the confidence and ability to realise their potential and achieve high grades. Nicole is a well organised and thorough teacher whilst ensuring learning a language is enjoyable. I would highly recommend her services.

Wendy G – Parent of pupil

I have been very happy with the high level and quality of French tuition that my daughter and son received over a number of years with Nicole Moore. Nicole was very focused and most importantly was able to understand my daughter and son’s weak areas and build their confidence. I personally feel that being tutored by a French person has huge benefits. Nicole has been able to accommodate all age levels, 11 plus entrance and GCSE requirements. One to one tuition makes such a difference. I can highly recommend Nicole.

Mary O'B - Parent of pupil

Thank you so much for going above and beyond in helping our two boys establish a solid foundation in their study of French language, both spoken and written whilst at Prep school. Both boys were delighted to achieve a strong performance in the Common Entrance examination In French. Both met the conditional offers for Eton College where our youngest son is now in the top set for French. Your help, support and enthusiasm has clearly played a major part in their enjoyment and progress in the subject and they are considering taking this subject at A' Level. We are very grateful for all the time you put into helping them at such a formative age. Thank you.

Liz W – Parent of pupil, colleague and friend

Nicole is a highly experienced French teacher who has taught students of all ages and abilities from early years to adult. She is a warm, enthusiastic, lively teacher who is excellent at getting the best from her students whether they are absolute beginners, studying for CE, GCSE or A level or purely want to study the language as a refresher, for fun or if they want a smattering of understanding before a holiday. As she is French herself, Nicole is superb at teaching pronunciation and conversational skills and she is also very experienced at teaching the more formal aspects of grammar and writing. Her sense of humour and imaginative lessons make it a joy to study the language. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Claire R - Adult pupil

I can highly recommend Nicole if you want to learn French from the beginning or improve your existing French. I'm not just saying this because I know her personally I'm saying it because her teaching methods and skills are fantastic, she has a wealth of experience and is highly professional. I learnt French at school to A level and also worked in France when I was younger and used to be a fairly confident French speaker. Over time because I didn't use it I began to forget my French and I lost confidence. After taking group night classes with Nicole my French language skills massively improved and not only that my love for the language was rekindled.

Paula B - Adult pupil and colleague

I worked with Nicole for many years and also took evening French classes with her. She has the gift of making the French language accessible to students of all ages and all ability levels, and makes learning a really enjoyable experience! She has endless patience, a great sense of fun and is also able to place all into context with her thorough understanding of French culture, customs, food and drink. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and wish her the very best of luck in this new venture!

Janet C - Adult pupil

Nicole’s classes are fun and informative. She uses a variety of learning methods which cater for everyone’s learning style and it is surprising how quickly students pick up new vocabulary and are able to move on.

Edward - Pupil

Nicole is a fantastic teacher, bringing a kind and patient approach along with years of experience. She has an invaluable ability to explain the complexities of the French language in an engaging way that keeps students interested in learning more. Her tutorage was instrumental in helping me gain a scholarship to a top British public school, setting me on a path that would eventually lead me to Oxford University. Without her guidance I would undoubtedly have struggled to bring my French speaking and comprehension to the strong levels required for my scholarship entrance exam. Her ability to explain and drill the details of French grammar, as well as vastly improve my pronunciation, would greatly advantage any student aiming to improve their French.

Rachel N - Colleague

Cannot recommend highly enough for any level from pre-school to A level and beyond. An outstanding practitioner with a proven track record of success in so many areas from seeing beginners through their scholarships to top UK schools to tutoring students to top A level grades. Brilliant with young children too.

Simon R - Adult pupil

I fondly remember my French lessons. On one hand, they were structured: we had a series of books (Facon de Parler) which we went through systematically, and we discussed the topics in a friendly way, using different ways of learning aspects of French. (Grammar, vocabulary appropriate to many scenarios, e.g. shopping, holiday, travelling, offices, banks. etc.) However, we did much more than just study the book(s). Nicole added greatly to the lessons by finding essays, recipes, jokes, videos, tests, quizzes and a great variety of things from many sources so there was always something new and interesting to discuss. We talked about French food and wine - we ate and drank quite a lot of it too - sensibly, we had the drinking after the lessons, not before :-) . I even learned to cook a French recipe! Overall, I really enjoyed my French lessons and I miss them.

Megan S - Pupil

Nicole supported me with French tuition for many years and throughout my GCSE French course, which subsequently led to me achieving an A* grade. I really enjoyed the sessions with Nicole, who really understood exactly what I needed to learn for school, but also some really helpful further conversational skills, especially assisting with my pronunciation which is an invaluable lesson from a native French speaker! I enjoyed the sessions that much that I chose to continue with my French tuition even after I had finished my GCSEs as an extracurricular, which shows how great Nicole is at engaging pupils to want to learn.

Stephanie W - Adult pupil

Having studied in one of Nicole’s adult groups for around 6 years, I can thoroughly recommend French with Nicole for a great way to either start to learn French or pick up / refresh from school levels and improve! Nicole is a very friendly, kind and encouraging teacher, so perfect for anyone with nerves about starting something new or recalling bits of French from past practise. I particularly enjoy all the cultural anecdotes and information about wine and food, which makes me feel a lot more connected to France when travelling, or speaking with French people.

Maria H - Adult pupil

Nicole is an extremely patient teacher. Having never learnt French at school, Nicole has advanced my written and spoken French to an intermediate level. Her lessons are fun and informative and generally involve learning something new about France. I can highly recommend Nicole if you, like me, are a complete beginner, or you want to improve your existing French.

Anne E - Nursery manager and adult pupil

Nicole taught French to children aged 3 – 5 years at our nursery. Nicole was always organised, punctual and professional. She planned interesting and engaging activities for the children and delivered them in an enthusiastic manner. She was always cheerful and made the children feel safe and happy in her care. The children loved her lessons and we were very sad to lose her from our staff team. I personally found Nicole to be very accommodating and very good in her role. So much so I enrolled on an adult French course with her and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend Nicole to teach any age!

Charlotte O - Pupil

An amazing teacher! She makes learning fun and engaging. I got an A* in French at GCSE and I’m certain I wouldn’t have done so had I not been lucky enough to have been taught by Nicole. Highly recommended.

Karen H - Adult pupil

I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough. An excellent teacher who makes learning French very enjoyable.