Travelling in France

French Language Tutor Tuition Burton Derbyshire StafffordshireTravelling in France is a 7 WEEK COURSE - perfect for you if you want to make the most of your next holiday in France.
There will come a day when we can travel again so why not prepare now when you have time? The course can be taken as part of a group or bespoke to your individual needs.
Before embarking on a teaching career, I worked as a tour manager for short braks in Paris and Belgium. 10 years and over 10,000 happy holiday-makers later, you can be sure that I know the key holiday words you may need!

The course:
French Language Tutor Tuition Burton Derbyshire StafffordshireTogether, we will explore many topics including:
Public Transport
Emergencies (Doctor, chemist, police station etc.)
As well as looking at and learning target vocabulary, role-plays are a great way to try using newly acquired vocabulary and practise dealing with different situations:

  • What would you do if you needed a doctor?
  • What if you lost your passport?
  • How would you handle a trip to lost property? Did you know that in France you would look for "le bureau des objets trouvés" ("the office of found objects") rather than "lost property"?

French Language Tutor Tuition Burton Derbyshire StafffordshireWhere are you planning to travel? Somewhere specific in France? Beautiful Paris? Le métro (underground) is a very efficient system and easy to navigate once you understand a few basic principles.

How about some help to understand the vocabulary whilst reserving a property? Hotel? Planning your route? Just a sample of the areas I can cover.

Tips to avoid a faux-pas:
As well as becoming familiar with target vocabulary, there are many tips which could make your trip a complete success.

French Language Tutor Tuition Burton Derbyshire StafffordshireFor instance, a coffee is served black in France. For a white coffee you would need to order "un café crème" or just "un crème" not "un café au lait". The latter is synonym of a large bowl of steaming white coffee that French people would have at breakfast, similar to a latte in our coffee shops.

Would you like to learn more? Already started planning your next French adventure?

Call: 07907 126560 or email: frenchwithnicolemoore@gmail.comto discuss your requirements.