French Language Tutor Tuition Burton Derbyshire Stafffordshire KS1 (5 to 7 years old) It is always great fun to teach children of this age group, as they are usually at their most receptive and responsive. They have few inhibitions and therefore teaching can be focused on songs, games and miming. There is an emphasis on speaking and learning is linked to France and the French way of life. This enables the children to experience the joy of both a new language and a new culture.
KS2 (7 to 11 years old) As children progress through school and develop their English language skills, it becomes possible to start to introduce basic grammatical concepts in French. The focus still remains on speaking and the aim is ensuring that lessons are relaxing and enjoyable; this enables pupils to thrive and embed key concepts. Lessons continue to be linked to France and there is opportunity for cross-curriculum topics such as maths, history and geography. This develops a curiosity for both the language and culture of a country beyond their own and ensures learning can be rooted. By the time pupils reach Year 6, the aim is for them to be confident in the four key areas of modern language learning; speaking, reading, listening and writing. As a private tutor, I can adapt all tuition to suit individual needs and ensure pupils have a well-rounded and balanced approach to language learning.
KS3 (11 to 14 years old) For many pupils, secondary school is the first opportunity to learn a foreign language. For others, it is an opportunity to progress and develop their skills. In both cases, lessons are focused on using topics to teach vocabulary, grammatical context and syntax. Again, a balance with equal emphasis on the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing ensures pupils grow in confidence to use their language skills in a variety of settings. One to one tuition enables me to identify areas that may be cause for concern and help pupils to build their confidence.
KS4 (14 to 16 years old) Exam papers vary across various exam boards but the overall trend remains the same. There is an emphasis on grammar and more comprehensive concepts are introduced, as well as re-enforcing previous knowledge. Grammar is essential but students are being tested in listening, reading, speaking and writing and as such all skills are important. The wide range of topics covered will aim to expand student’s cultural knowledge. My objective is to inspire pupils, expand their cultural knowledge and help them to boost their grammar knowledge to meet the curriculums specifications.